a meditative return under springing clouds. mostly vinyl. the ongoing conversation, an investigation disambiguated with the revolving elements of myth. that is, the detective is reflective. poetry pays in prayer and often the way is made through maybes. mirrors: stories of almost everyone. post scorpio full moon maia crowning. a soundtrack for laying back, falling in, and gardening in the dark. soft walkabouts, devotional prowls.

david sylvian & holger czukay -premonition(giant empty iron vessel) + alan watts- why not now(1969) : donato wharton- deities stalk the land : tinariwen- imidiwan ma tenam(gypsyphonic/bobby mac remix) : letherette- wecko : jacaszek- only not within seeing the sun + an excerpt of alfred drake reading the rubaiyat of omar khayyam : david sylvian- weather wall instrumental : brian eno & david byrne- a secret life : alfred newman conducting The Egyptian soundtrack + an excerpt from sherlock holmes adventures with basil rathbone and nigel bruce : st. james primitive baptist church congregation- i’ll meet you on that other shore : tape- beams : the moon and the melodies- memory gongs + abbie huston evans reading her poem “the fundament has shifted” : georgia sea island singers- prayer : alice coltrane- transfiguration introduction : nass el ghiwane : thelonious monk- body and soul : reverend gary davis- buck dance : an excerpt of a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins as read by Cyril Cusack